Thursday, September 1, 2011

goodbye, little blogspot

i'm packing up and moving my things over to my new sketchblog site, Strange Teeth Illustration! All new updates will be directed there from now on. I'll keep this site up for now, so worries there!

Monday, August 29, 2011

some from the sketch book

still using them old pencils as well. nothing stellar, but loads of goodies!

turning on a dime

a simple desire to sketch some costume/outfit design ideas led way to this little sketch, and it was THIS little sketch that has rocketed me into a project that has produced some of my best work yet-- i'm crazy excited to show it to everyone, and even though it's come a long way, i need to wait till i finish a little more! sometimes, it's just one little drawing that sparks a crazy fire in my head!

evan's happy place

the base for this illustration was started LAST CHRISTMAS if you can believe it, and i've let it sit for forever until now. this was a actually a christmas gift for a buddy, and finally after a little prodding from them this week, i finished it. it seemed strange to do such a cold, snowy drawing in the summer! this was another nudge in the right direction for the work i've been doing with digital painting, and it definitely has led me somewhere great-- but i'll save that again, for later! merry christmas, evan... 8 months later!

one for the gents

a candy-colored, neon guinevere pinup speed painting-- actually started the base of this one a long, looong time ago, but due to my recent dabbling into digital painting (more on that later!) i finally decided to re-vamp and re-finish her! i like her character waayy too much for how little i draw her. anyone opposed to a guinevere sketch week?

this is fox country

part of an art trade with the talented and adorable Chris Conlon! the subject matter for the art trade was, "foxes, forests, and fantasy" -- best two out of three on my part! flat colors for now, while i work on other projects!

doodleblubs and sketchburps

a few new ones, and an oldie, but a goodie