Thursday, May 19, 2011

this is a long story with no end in sight

another rarity from the files of 'things i never post.' i'm fortunate enough that for my final thesis project, i've been given free reign to do whatever i'd like to, and and happily drawing up character and setting designs for a multiplayer video game. i'm even more fortunate that i was able to pull out the conceptual playground that the world in my brain consists of, and use it as the basis for said game. it's been a lot of fun finally getting everything all down on paper, but it also makes me itch for what would be the 'single-player' storyline. here's a sketch from not too long ago of the main character and the river god; this was based on that always-quoted fact of mother lions/wolves/animals being able to crush bones with their jaws, but then carrying their young with the most gentle delicacy. i never imagine character riding the river god-- shameful! i like to think he would let them hinge around his arms for travel, but as for Ryiane, his favorite and his pupil-- this method of transport reflects their bond well.