Friday, April 25, 2008

as it turns out...

in my illustration class, our last assignment was to create a cover for the July version arts and entertainment magazine of West Michigan, On-The-Town, of the Grand Rapids Picnic Pops concert or something, i really didn't pay much attention. From all the student work, one illustration would be chosen for actual publication, and lo and behold, my ridiculous last minute entry was selected! i was called and informed while my mouth was full of cake at my boyfriend's brother birthday happy happy birthday max ...

at least i know my work is sellable. i'll post something of it when i finish making the changes they wanted...

and now for something completely different!

chai and bandit apparently having beat the shit of something/one/people! i was grouchy and tired when i drew this, which was, ironically, right after i turned in the on-the-town cover :| for some reason, puce lineart appeals to me. sooo sleeeepy

Thursday, April 10, 2008

rejected logo idea

we're doing some logo design and buisness-y stuff in class and i'm focusing my logo ideas on my being completely freaking tiny. it's a good things cause i can hide and cradle myself into teeny places. woooo! also the speech bubble with skull/heart/exclamation point is something i have drawn for a very long while and kind of consider it my personal logo.

this one didn't fly with my prof, so on to better things! i still like it though :|