Thursday, April 10, 2008

rejected logo idea

we're doing some logo design and buisness-y stuff in class and i'm focusing my logo ideas on my being completely freaking tiny. it's a good things cause i can hide and cradle myself into teeny places. woooo! also the speech bubble with skull/heart/exclamation point is something i have drawn for a very long while and kind of consider it my personal logo.

this one didn't fly with my prof, so on to better things! i still like it though :|


Jack Snider said...

I like the heart/skull graphic. Maybe you could just use that?

I like skulls.

Anthony Carpenter said...

I concur with the learned Mr. Snider. The skull/heart/exclamation point/word balloon is a very cool graphic idea. It would look great on a t-shirt, letter-head, etc.

The drawing of you (it is you, right?) sticking out of the box is beyond charming.

Professors don't know everything. :)

blackbird said...

mr jack: i, like many a vaguely rebellious and artsy youth, love skulls. i also i love hamlet, but the two are unrelated here, heh. i'll post more skull stuff i've done sometime.

mr anthony: yes it is me, in all my 5'3" glory. like a lot of my character designs, i'm very small, but far from docile :)