Saturday, October 10, 2009


it also makes me look even smaller.

i could not live without my heated blanket, or my tucker

who i would love to dress in little people clothes, but people tell me it's wrong...

year-round, but especially when it starts getting colder, i love dressing like a boy

especially in my favorite newsie hat.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


halloweeeeeen drawing! i realized that it was eerily similar to the one i did last year, so i flipped it around. sneaky photoshoping! i'm way too tired to color it right now even though i want to, so i'll work on that later. the actual size of this is about 3X4 inches cause i draw so friggin small...

anywaaays, it parallels what I and my own wolf-man are being for halloween. Axel is Max from Where the Wild Things Are, and Clouds is Coraline from Coraline (which might be my new favorite movie of the year; previously Wall-e). she even already had the blue hair! she's also showing him how to be a proper wild thing. he, as usual, is perturbed by his mate's oddness. it pleases me that Axel already had a wolf tail + claws so he cut those out of the costume!!