Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the odd couple

due to the fact that clouds always wears oversized shirts, it was evident that she must have a mate of some sort. he finally came out on pen and paper and this is him: axel, because the name got stuck in my head and i couldn't get it out. wolfish (literally!), serious, responsible and very patient, he is almost the opposite of clouds. he may seem scary, but he's a gummy bear inside. i think the crux of their relationship is that she's an idiot and he thinks that's endearing. but she's cute as anything so it's ok.

and then my dear love went and spoiled me terribly by buying me a bunch of new prismas! so i colored up an semi-ok drawing i had of clouds and axel on halloween!

axel is a skeleton and clouds is a cloud ... because she's special. she also refuses to touch the ground in light of her costume.


Jack Snider said...

Thanks for the peek into your character development process. I like them. The leg and arm fur is cool.

blackbird said...

thanks! character design is what i love <3