Tuesday, February 12, 2008

you win oh wait just kidding

really quick doodle of the outcome of the rare occasion when i lose at video games. done for my beloooved. i think the original caption was "most of the time while i seem docile and gregarious i would probably cut your heart out for a candy bar."

Saturday, February 9, 2008


bobtail cat-thing: clouds. a personification of my dim, distracted side. her main interests are eating things and napping. aside from that she's not terribly astute or attentive, but is pretty cute as far as things go. she prefers playing with acorns or mushrooms or whatever she can find than interaction with other people. she often gets things stuck to her tongue (lollipops, candy, icicles, etc) somewhere in her adorable stupidity, she has a vague semblance of wit.

this one is older, when she still had bobcat-like ears instead of kitty ones.


things i've lost interest in but should probably finish anyway.  i'm too distracted by things to eat, naps to be had.

ryiane leaning.... i guess. and chai with a crane, inspired by the decemberists' "the crane wife 1"

so shouty (i draw things)

my boyfriend says its funny to see someone as puny and docile-looking as me curse horribly.