Tuesday, February 17, 2009

valentine attempts

"roses are red,
violets are blue,
i like smashing zombie heads in
with you."

this was the original valentine i drew for my sweetie, fresh zombie love. i had intended for there to be some zombie heads floating about, but i was doing this at the last minute and i was already not liking the drawing, so i opted for something simpler that i could finish quicker...

clouds eating axel's ear. he doesn't mind. i drew and redrew clouds' nose so many times that finally i realized i liked it better without a nose. the finished version was colored with prismas and set against a heart and put on a handmade card, but i didn't take a photo... maybe next post.


Jack Snider said...

I like the first one myself. I self edit a lot also. I hope you post more in the future.

blackbird said...

now i like it ok after all the fuss... i'll try to post more regularly! i'm just so picky about what i put up :/