Monday, August 29, 2011


good news everyone! not only am i going to upload a whole bunch of new sketches, last month i found out there's this pretty cool artist who sings songs and he was once called prince! it only took me 23 years!

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Blackberry,

First - let me thank you SO much for this drawing of exactly what I have always had in my mind whenever I hear Prince's song "Raspberry Beret."

Second - please forgive me for not asking if I could save and use this picture as my profile pic on FB to express my RIP for Prince's passing. Now I realize as many others are sharing the picture on their walls, that I may have done something horribly wrong, as I have many friends who are artists and their lives depend on their work. My hope is that at least you get the recognition your deserve.

Third - I will be editing my original post when I changed my profile pic that you are the creator of this wonderful piece of art, and will post a link to your blog.

Thank you, and please I hope you accept my apology and the credit I hope you get for this great piece.